Full Body Massage60 MinR550
Full Body Massage90 MinR820
Back, Neck & Shoulder 45minR420
Couples Full body Massage60minR990
Couples Back, Neck, Shoulder45minR770
All the above include Hot Stones
Foot Massage30minR250
Relaxing Foot Scrub, Massage & Moisture Mask
Indian Head Massage30minR250
Lymph Drainage – Legs only30minR300
Lymph Drainage – Full Body75minR550
Pregnancy Massage60minR550
Deep Tissue / Sports Massage 60minR650
Aromatherapy Massage 60minR600
With bespoke Oliver’s Oils
Luxury Manicure60 MinR310
Luxury Pedicure60 MinR340
Men’s Manicure45minR265
Men’s Pedicure60minR300
Gelish Manicure75minR375
Gelish Pedicure75minR400
Gelish Overlay60minR300
Nail or Toe Paint 30minR200
French Paint add 15minR55
Soak Off – Gel 30minR90
Soak Off – Acrylic 45minR130
Foot Peel add on with pedi 20minR160
Foot Peel with Massage45minR220
Relaxing Foot Scrub, Massage & Moisture Mask45minR300